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  • Disavow can take up to 9 months if done wrong or incomplete. more »
  • The Disavow file only works after links after the disavowed links are crawled by Google. This can take up to 9 months if done wrong or incomplete. more »
  • Keyword Classification - table This is the Keyword classification page. You will be directed to this page if you click the link in the keyword information box. Here you can classify your keywords by brands, compound, money and others. Please make sure… more »
  • You can use the Link Detox Screener. This is a link browser in your browser - to go through links one by one. Use the mini browser Link Detox Screener Screener gives you the most important data to review in the upper section of the screen and a live… more »
  • You can use the Link Detox Screener - a link browser in your browser - to go through links one by one. This is recommend the more and better links look appear to be, or the unclearer the decision it is for an automated system. Select links to review in… more »
  • After your link audit is done you need to manually upload to Google Search Console. While it is possible to download link data with our Google Search Console integration, it is not automated for uploading disavow files. Export Disavow File from LRT Full… more »
  • Multiple Ways to disavow links in LRT During your link audit you will come across many different types of links and you have many ways to find links to disavow in LRT. Note: To disavow a link means, that Google will ignore it for your rankings. Make… more »
  • Rate Links as Good or Bad You need to rate as many as possible links. Decide if links are good or bad for you. This means, if you think a link is bad, then rate this link with Thumbs-Down. If you think a link is good, the rate the link with Thumbs-Up.… more »
  • When a Disavow File is either created by Link Detox™ (DTOX) or uploaded to your LinkResearchTools account it is stored centrally, for each project you are working on. Each time a new Disavow File is uploaded or created it will overwrite the old one.… more »

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