• What is the difference between domains, pages and sub-folders? In LinkResearchTools, you can start reports for a domain, a page or sub-folder analysis. If you are interested in the backlinks of a single sub-folder or page, you can save time by analyzing… more »
  • How can I detect mentions and turn them into backlinks? There is more than one tool that can help you detect mentions in LinkResearchTools (LRT). One of them is the Backlink Profiler (BLP). If you start a BLP report and filter the results by Link Status… more »
  • What is the difference between Sample Analysis and Full Analysis? From all the competitive domain analysis tools available in LinkResearchTools (LRT), the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) has a Sample Analysis and a Full Analysis mode.… more »
  • What are the differences between the Missing Links Tool (MLT ) and the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT)? The Missing Links Tool (MLT) checks if your competitors have any common links that you don't have, while the Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) checks the… more »
  • Is reciprocal linking a good link building practice? Outgoing links are just as important as incoming links. You only want to link to a website if: - it has a good LRT Power*Trust - it has a low DTOXRISK for your backlink profile (you can check this… more »
  • This page collects important questions that Google has not yet answered and shall provide context, screenshots, links that may easily get lost in typical twitter streams too fast. 2019-08-28: will a penalty also spread to an "Auto-Canonical"… more »
  • Why can't I see the PageRank metric in LinkResearchTools? Google's Toolbar PageRank is officially dead. That's why we removed it from our toolkit many years ago. Don't even think about it. In March 2016, Google removed PageRank from the Google toolbar,… more »

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