• Notification of New Links Be notified whenever you or your competitors get new backlinks. Benefits of LA Monitoring new inbound links to your site LA is like Google Alerts, but for links. An e-mail is sent to you when new links are found. Link Alerts… more »
  • Quick Repair of Dead Links The Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR) supports you with familiar webmaster problems that probably have not yet been solved yet. Do you have links connected to dead sites in your domain? This tool provides you with a list of… more »
  • Quick Comparison with your Competition Compare your competitors with your own site and learn how to outrank them by doing just a little better. The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) compares the link profile or page of your domain with other domains,… more »
  • Compare Your Keywords Find out who is ranking well for the keywords in your niche and identify new SEO opportunities. The Competitive Keyword Analyzer (CKA) compares the top keywords in your niche and provides you with an extensive pre-analysis of which… more »
  • Quick comparison of the most important SEO metrics for multiple domains more »
  • Check Link Growth Spot trends in the speed of link building and identify spikes that could harm you. The Competitive Link Velocity (CLV) tool compares the development of your link profile with the development of the link profiles of up to 10 other sites… more »
  • A Detailed Summary of Your Backlinks Get the most comprehensive backlink analysis possible for your own and your competitors’ sites. The Backlink Profiler (BLP) is the most extensive backlink analysis tool on the market, when it comes to actual data and… more »
  • DTOXRISK of your Competition Understand link ratios and risk levels for your niche and find strong links of your competition. The Competitive Link Detox allows you find out why your competitors outrank you, why you suffered a Google Penalty, while your… more »
  • Quick Check of Your Backlinks What is the Quick Backlink Checker (QBL)? Find the strongest links of a domain or page within seconds. Benefits of the Quick Backlink Checker (QBL) Quick summary of your backlinksThe Quick Backlink Checker allows you to get… more »
  • Superhero Ultra is the ultimate account for all companies using the full range of tools. Up to 40 users can work on the projects and get the maximum possible link data in the toolkit. Superhero Ultra offers a comprehensive set of tools that helps you… more »

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