• Connect your Google Search Console (GSC) account to us and enjoy extra link data without extra cost or work. FYI: Google Search Console does not show all links and especially not all links you need for a fast Google Penalty Recovery. But it helps, as… more »
  • In the settings, you can choose between 2 different e-mail notification options. The toolkit can both confirm when the report has completed and immediately indicate when new links for your websites have been found. This form of notification is linked to… more »
  • It is possible to evaluate your links with our most famous metrics in SeoTools for Excel. In there you can evaluate the Power, Trust, Power*Trust and Link Velocity Trend of your Domain, Pages or Subfolder. Please be aware that the Link Velocity Trend is… more »
  • Bring all the possible link sources together When doing a link audit, you want to make sure that you don’t miss any toxic links. The truth is that the full picture of your backlink profile is hard to find. Every link database has only a piece of the… more »
  • In addition to your project-based backlist, you can additionally and independently of the project remove domains from your “competitors” (depending on your package). more »
  • In order to maintain an overview over your projects, you should set up projects. You can do that in your report summary page. You can set up as many projects as you please. There are no limitations. Click on your report summary in order to show all… more »
  • LRT supports multiple users in an account of LinkResearchTools. All the account owners (main users) can manage multiple team member accounts (sub users) from the user management. more »
  • “International Settings” determine your suggested values for the “Find sites of competitors” function. Select the preferred search engine, the matching language and the appropriate country of destination, from where you will draw your competitors. Of… more »
  • The tools offer nearly the same settings/ options as the report settings under “Advanced Options”. Report Title You can determine the report name from the report title: Sitewide Links-Filter Click on the checkbox to activate the site-wide links filter.… more »
  • Overview Clicking on “Account” in the navigation takes you to this account management page. Would you like to upgrade your subscription or buy add-ons? Then click on one of the green buttons and select the desired product. The table "Your Payment… more »

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