• It works in conjunction with an existing Link Detox report, not older the one month. LORT works fast since we took the time to make all the calculations in your Link Detox report. By using a recent Link Detox report, LORT knows all about your niche,… more »
  • One link costs one credit In the LORT every link you review costs one credit. So in this Tool the used credits depend on the links and not on the reports. In the Dashboard you can always see how many credits are left. At all times you can add more… more »
  • Starting Link Simulator (LORT) Before you can run a LORT report, please make sure you have a fully done Link detox (DTOX) report! Step 1 – where to find and how to start To start a Link Simulator (LORT): 1) go to your dashboard 2) click on "Link… more »
  • If you’re still looking for more information on how LORT works, check out also this blog post: Good link or risky link? Find out FAST with LORT! more »
  • Don´t forget, you should use the LORT even if you are checking just a single URL. Use bookmarklets for Link Simulator (LORT) So now, even the most casual browsing session can become an opportunity to find great links. With LORT, bookmarklets come in… more »
  • If you are looking for new links to help you with your ranking and you want to review and evaluate them, then you can use our Link Simulator (LORT). You will benefit most from using LORT if you have a few links or maybe just one link that you would like… more »

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