01-Important MUST-DO Steps

  • Connect your Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) account to us and enjoy extra link data without extra cost or work. FYI: Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) does not show all the links, and especially not all links you need for a… more »
  • You can connect API keys from external systems like Ahrefs, SEMrush and many more to have us import the data from those systems automatically. You can save a lot of time by providing those API keys, as we always get data for all reports you start, to… more »
  • We do have a huge amount of link data sources, but we always recommend you to upload all available backlink files into the Link Detox. This way you can improve your results because we will combine and verify them. If you use other toolkits, like the… more »
  • Of course, don’t forget about your Disavow and Ignor files as well. Like with the API Keys you can upload all your Disavow or Ignore files into your account. This way we can combine and verify them as well. To do this 1) go to “Settings” 2) click on… more »
  • ... as Good or Bad Now you can rate if a link is good or bad for you. This means, if you think a link is bad, then rate this link with Thumbs-Down. If you think a link is good, the rate the link with Thumbs-Up. These decisions are taken into account for… more »
  • You need to classify at least 80% of your Keywords Before you start further analyzing your DTOX report, you have to classify at least 80 % of your Keywords. This is to enable four rules (SUSP28, SUSP29, SUSP30, SUSP31) in the Link Detox Tool and to… more »