2 Finalize Link Detox Data

  • Classify at least 80% of your Keywords Before you start further analyzing your DTOX report, you have to classify at least 80 % of your Keywords. This is to enable four rules (SUSP28, SUSP29, SUSP30, SUSP31) in Link Detox and to receive a correct… more »
  • Rate Links as Good or Bad You need to rate as many as possible links. Decide if links are good or bad for you. This means, if you think a link is bad, then rate this link with Thumbs-Down. If you think a link is good, the rate the link with Thumbs-Up.… more »
  • What is Link Detox Tune (DTOXTUNE)? DTOXTUNE® allows you to identify and target specific Link Detox® (DTOX) rules to tweak the calculation of the DTOXRISK score. This allows you to create reports in a more targeted and efficient manner, using your… more »
  • ... Time to Reprocess After classifying 80 % of the keywords, it's time to Reprocess the DTOX rules. By clicking on "Reprocess DTOX Rules" all rules and Link Detox Risk will be recalculated. :) The process does not cost any credits. NOTE: This… more »
  • ... final results After all these steps: Uploading all available backlink source files Classifying at least 80 % of your keywords Reprocessing Rating all the links Reprocessing you will receive an accurate Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK) value. Now it's time… more »

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