02-Step by Step Navigation of Link Detox Boost

  • Exporting the data from your Link Detox Boost report is easy, simply click on the CSV or XLSX link above the details table to initiate the download. CSV or XLSX Once your CSV or XLSX file is downloaded to your computer you can then use them for your own… more »
  • In order to update the "last Google Crawl Date" section please click on the Reprocess button above the details table. After you reprocess your Link Detox Boost report you will notice that the last Google Crawl Date will be generated for the… more »
  • Report Information Zoom: Report Information In the Report Information you can find a lot of useful information about the report: The Project the report belongs to The date the report was created and the date the report was started. You can also see the… more »
  • Step 1 Zoom: Step 1 You can start a new Link Detox Boost report from your LinkResearchTools “Start Report” dashboard Zoom: Or you can run a Link Detox Boost on all of the links that you have already marked as disavowed from directly inside your Link… more »