2 Account Settings

  • Overview Clicking on “Account” in the navigation takes you to this account management page. Would you like to upgrade your subscription or buy add-ons? Then click on one of the green buttons and select the desired product. The table "Your Payment… more »
  • In addition to your project-based backlist, you can additionally and independently of the project remove domains from your “competitors” (depending on your package). more »
  • In the settings, you can choose between 2 different e-mail notification options. The toolkit can both confirm when the report has completed and immediately indicate when new links for your websites have been found. This form of notification is linked to… more »
  • Can I ignore certain domains in my reports? It is possible to create a domain blacklist to ignore backlinks from certain domains. You can do this from your account settings. Yes, you can do this in your LinkResearchTools (LRT) account settings. Have in… more »
  • LRT supports multiple users in an account of LinkResearchTools. All the account owners (main users) can manage multiple team member accounts (sub users) from the user management. more »

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