Link Metrics

  • By selecting the Link Check Metrics every link will be recrawled. This is available in all "Detail Modes". When enabled, this means it is verified if the link still exists many additional metrics are extracted or computed (link anchor text,… more »
  • Basic SEO Stats are the most important basic metrics. From the number of links to the page and domain, linking root domains (domain popularity), the theme of the page, the technical nature of a page, as well as the LRT Powerâ„¢ and LRT Trustâ„¢ metrics, the… more »
  • Link Detox Rules more »
  • What are Link Detox Rules? There are 39 different Link Detox rules that are triggered in certain circumstances when a link is analyzed on a page. Rules are triggered if there is something about the page or link that might mean it is a risky link. For… more »
  • What is DTOXRISK (or Link Detox Risk, Link DTOXRISK)? DTOXRISK is a numeric result of our software calculations. This numeric result is sometimes labeled with verbal interpretations, such as high DTOXRISK or average DTOXRISK. It is also sometimes… more »
  • Link Status determines the result of the link crawling and interpretation of tags in HEAD and Robots.txt (Follow, NoFollow, Mention, Redirect, Unverified). more »
  • Link Type is the type and sub-type of link, e.g. image, text, redirect, canonical etc. more »

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