• Why should you classify your keywords The anchor text type plays an important role in how we calculate the risk of your links. That's the reason why we want you to classify your keywords. Certain rules in our algorithm will only activate after you… more »
  • What is Link Scope? The Link Scope is defined by the scope a link spans - from source to target. The 4 types of Link Scopes 2 New Scopes: Subdomain Links and Network Links Reminder: A Link is a Connection from A to B What is A, what is B? External Links… more »
  • Link Velocity Trends describe the trends of link growth, i.e. how fast or slow the link growth to a page or domain is in a given time span. The trend of link growth for a page or domain is an indicator for the interest expressed on the web for that page… more »
  • What are Sitewide Links? Sitewide links are outbound links that appear multiple times throughout an entire web site or a section of website. Typically these are links that appear in the footer, sidebar or navigation menu. What is a Sitewide Links… more »

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