• Backlink Profile Coverage explains, in percent of the total known number backlinks to a domain, how much was actually covered in a backlink analysis. more »
  • Since April 2017, we can do much better in analyzing bigger backlink profiles. This is why, in some reports, you will stumble upon a warning that your report is outdated and you are only seeing a fraction of the links you could analyze. In this case, we… more »
  • Recrawling of all the links, every time You get fresh data 1-30 days, not 5 years old data. With LRT you can be 100% sure that you base your decisions on accurate link data. Because we re-crawl all the links for you before you see them. That's why it… more »
  • LRT combines 25+ link data sources and recrawls them for you more »
  • Link Data Freshness is an indicator of how fresh your backlink profile data is. more »
  • What is Link Scope? Specific to links between pages, LRT analyzes four link scopes internal links from one page of a website to another page of a website subdomain links from parts like a separated blog of a company to a website network backlinks from… more »

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