01 Introduction

  • LinkResearchTools (LRT) is a big data platform to analyze hyperlinks on the web. LRT helps advertising agencies and brands rank better in Google. LRT (short for LinkResearchTools) encompass a broad range of powerful software solutions that cover all… more »
  • Anchor Text Breakdown You can view the anchor text by count or by the metric of your choice. Click on a specific anchor text and you will see the filtered results in the link detail table below. Go after the links with the best anchor text! Filter by… more »
  • LRT is a report-oriented system which allows all data to be crawled on demand. This way, you will always see the real-time data. Taking all data into consideration results in a highly precise analysis that may take some time to complete, depending on… more »
  • Examples In order to present the tools and their corresponding functions in an understandable and simple way, we are using the following URLs as examples to perform the analysis: Main domain (“our domain”): www.21st.com “Competitors”: www.esurance.com… more »